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Interview with The Black Heartthrobs.

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"What we need is strength of purpose
To reverse all they taught us
If prejudice is all you learned in school
It's up to us to break the rules
I'll recruit a ragged army
Before I let your hatred scar me
There ain't no justice out there
This is the Lord's prayer
Without each other we're nowhere"

 - Stiv Bators, October 22, 1949 – June 4, 1990

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In-studio interview with singer/guitarist Scott Schoenberg of LA's The Shotgun Break.

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All-music show featuring The Black Widows, The Nuclears, The Insect Surfers, Static People, The Shotgun Break, Phil Aiken and more...

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Interview with Eleanor Goldfield (vocals) and Brian Marshak (guitar) of LA's Rooftop Revolutionaries. We talk music and politics, censorship, the lack of a rock scene in LA and the importance of new media.

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On February 3rd of this year I was interviewed by my favorite podcaster, the great Peter B. Collins. We talked about a few of the songs on my new Red Flag CD. It was a subscriber-only interview, and Peter was kind enough to give me permission to post most of it on my feed. Go here to listen to the full interview (subscription required). A year subscription gets you a copy of the CD.

In addition to subscriber-only content (in-depth interviews), Peter has a free feed where he posts nightly "News & Comment" episodes which is an amazing way to get the news. Throw out your NY Times, Peter B is the place to be.

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First show of the new year.

Here's the Moonpool and Caterpillars review I mention on the show, and read "Atomsplit and the Musician Collector" here.

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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)

- Rest In Peace - 

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